1 – It’s sustainable and good for the planet

2 – Real-time feedback

3 – Customers love TableYeti

4 – Split bills with ease

5 – Better table turn times

6 – Waiters get up to 25% more tips

7 – Grow your email list

8 – Customers can donate to a charity on the device

9 – It’s available in a branded case

10 – It can save you a lot of money (and is available without a contract)

The restaurant industry is rapidly changing. For a mid-range restaurant in Europe, it’s pretty hard to stand out from the competition, but we’ve got you covered. We created a restaurant card machine from the future. Here’s to why TableYeti is ten times better than any other restaurant card machine.

10 reasons why TableYeti is better than any other restaurant card machine in the UK

Number one. It’s sustainable and eco-friendly.

Did you know that BPA-coated paper bills can’t be recycled? Every year the UK restaurant industry prints some more than 810 million paper receipts. We estimated that an average restaurant prints over 9000 paper bills each year. Over 90% of those bills are covered in potentially harmful and toxic BPA and therefore can’t be recycled. Most of these receipts get wasted and are never even looked at.

We created a restaurant card machine that doesn’t need to print receipts. Instead, customers pay directly at the table with our smart TableYeti restaurant payment device and get an e-receipt sent to their email. Since our launch in March 2019, we already saved over 5 kg of paper. By installing the TableYeti payment device, you can become a more sustainable business and help us save trees.

Paper bills can't be recycled

Reason number two. TableYeti provides you with valuable real-time feedback from your customers.

In the first paragraph, we already mentioned our smart payment device. Well, it doesn’t just replace paper bills with e-receipts: it does much more than that. Another one of its functions is valuable real-time customer feedback. 

After paying the bill, customers are presented with a screen, where they can rate how likely they would recommend the restaurant to their family and friends on a scale from 1 to 5. These answers build the NPS, which stands for the net promoter score. NPS is nowadays one of the most crucial restaurant performance metrics. The feedback gets delivered to you in real-time so that you can tackle the negative experiences almost immediately. It helps you understand what exactly went wrong, so in the future, you will be able to prevent such cases and improve your overall customer satisfaction. 

In our recent restaurant industry report, where we have processed over 46,000 transactions, we estimated that over 50% of the customers are happy to rate their experience at the restaurant. That provides you with invaluable feedback on how the customers are finding your restaurant and how you can improve your performance. 

10 amazing sustainable restaurants in London

Reason number three. Customers love TableYeti

From time to time, we ask our customers how did they find the payment process with TableYeti. Every day we are astonished at how many people love TableYeti, and it makes us really happy! Over 50% of the customers think that TableYeti is 10x better than any other payment device and combining it with the other positive answers, in total, over 84% believe that TableYeti provides a better payment experience at a restaurant. This data is based on 3500+ responses obtained over the last six months.

Why TableYeti is 10x better than any other restaurant card machine

Reason number four – you can let your customers split bills with ease

One of the customers’ favourite functions of TableYeti is the function of splitting bills directly at the payment device. We estimated that out of 46,000 of transactions that we have processed over the last six months, over 44% were split bills. Payments of groups of three or more people could be a pain. TableYeti has solved that problem for the customers because now every single customer can select the dishes they have ordered and pay for them directly on the device. No more “Guys, we are missing £4.80” situations. 

According to the feedback we’ve been getting, the bill splitting function was so far our customers’ favourite function of TableYeti card machine. Check our latest reviews on Trustpilot. 

Happy TableYeti customers using the device

Reason number five. You can improve your table turn times.

If your restaurant is busy, the chances are that the table turn times really matter to you.

Well, we noticed the table turn times improve with TableYeti due to a faster payment process, especially for the larger groups of customers.

Improve table turn times

Reason number six. You can reward your hard-working waiters with up to 25% more tips.

TableYeti restaurant card machine also lets you add a bigger tip. Some restaurants already include the standard 12.5% service charge in the bill, while the other ones don’t. Even if you have the standard 12.5% added, you can still offer your customers to add a bigger tip if they liked the service. 

According to our data, over 9% of customers are willing to leave more tips than the standard 12.5%, and we’ve seen some cases where people left circa 25% service charge.

Reason number seven: TableYeti helps you grow your email list

As we don’t print receipts that are bad for the environment, all the bills are sent to customers in the digital format. Customers are asked to provide an email address, and they can also opt-in for the markering communications from the restaurant (only if they want). We estimated that circa 5% of customers are happy to receive Marketing email from a restaurant they genuinely liked. 

You might be wondering why do you need a marketing list as a restaurant. Well, there are multiple reasons, and you can read more about it in our post about the smart ways of growing your restaurant email list. Long story short, you can announce new dishes, seasonal menus, special offers and unique events and workshops to your most loyal customers. Moreover, you can leverage Email Marketing to build your own loyalty programme and also reward your customers with a voucher for their birthdays (for a cake or a free drink).

TableYeti restaurant card machine

Reason number eight: You give your customers a chance to donate to a charity of your choice 

If you’re a supporter of a specific charity organisation, you can add it to the highlights and restaurant updates on the TableYeti payment device. After the customers have settled the bill, they have a couple of minutes to browse around and look at the highlights on the device. The highlights usually include seasonal offers and news from the restaurant and the suggested charity. Some of our customers even donated £10 to charity! 

Reason number nine: You can order TableYeti in a custom-design branded case

For many restaurants, branding is essential, and we understand it. That’s why we can place our card machine in a custom-design branded case. Moreover, we can add your logos to all the stages of the payment process on the smart payment device. 

TableYeti device

Reason number ten: TableYeti is available without a contract and can save you a lot of money 

Finally, the last but not least of the reasons why TableYeti is fantastic is that it’s available without a contract, there is a 30-day no commitment trial – you can test it out and see if it works for your restaurant. Even in the short term, TableYeti can help you save a lot of money versus your current PDQ as you can get a lot of valuable and actionable insights as well as reduce your table turn time and lunch wages. Moreover, it will help you to stand out from the crowd and improve your customer experience. 

Sounds interesting? Get in touch to learn more about TableYeti and get a free demo! 


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