Running a great weekly team meeting in your restaurant

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Mission statements done correctly can be the driving force behind any restaurant.

It’s the reason why you exist, its the reason why your chefs come and cook for 12 hours straight and its the reason why your staff are willing to go the extra mile for your customers.

Though mission statements that are done wrong can feel concluded and then at best be a waste of time and at worst be a demotivator for your staff. To help you see the forest from the trees, below are some of the best mission statements the UK has to offer. These should help get those creative juices flowing.

Honest Burger


Jamies Italian


Pizza Pilgrims

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Shake Shack

Duck and Waffle

Red Rooster

Cafe Rouge

Restaurant Gordon Ramsey

Burger and Beyond

Kalifornia Kitchen

Nobu Shoreditch

The Breakfast Club

Dine in the dark

Sushi Samba


Yo Sushi

Company internal values are ‘RUCC’ – respectful, unconventional, colourful, confident. 

Previously they had the mission statement ‘CANI’ – Constant and never-ending innovation of 5 Ps – Product, People, Promotion, Property and Profit.

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