1 – TableYeti restaurant payment terminal

2 – SumUp

3 – Square

4 – iZettle

5 – Paypal here

In this post, we will share with you the 5 most innovative credit card terminals for your restaurant or small business.

As a restaurant owner or manager, you need a payment terminal to take card payments from your guests. Confusingly enough, a payment terminal has many names: a credit card terminal, a card machine, POS terminal or even PDQ terminal (“Process Data Quickly”). In this post, we will call it a credit card terminal or just payment terminal. However, if you encounter other names on the Web, they are all essentially the same thing.

In order to transmit data, the credit card terminals need to be connected to Wi-Fi or the cellular network.

Even a few years ago, your choice of credit card terminals was limited by the “standard” terminal in the photo below (that is still the most common terminal worldwide).

However, in the last years, even this industry started changing. With the rise of independent sellers, street markets and artist, there had to be a solution that would allow small business owners to take card payments. Until recently, there was no such option for the restaurants offering the pay at the table service as well. We are happy to see the payment industry-changing, and we are glad to be able to contribute to the change of the industry as well.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the 5 most innovative credit card terminals for your restaurant or small business.

5 most innovative credit card terminals for your restaurant or small business

1. TableYeti – the ultimate credit card terminal for restaurants

It’s not very humble to place our product on place one, but we think that it totally deserves it. We created TableYeti just about two years ago, and it got installed at the first restaurant only about a year ago. Since then, we have processed over 47,000 restaurant bills.

TableYeti is truly a restaurant payment terminal from the future: it gets rid of non-recyclable BPA-coated paper receipts and replaces them with digital bills. Moreover, it allows the guests to easily split the bill on the table, add extra tips for the waiting staff and rate the experience in the restaurant.

There is currently no other restaurant credit card terminal that allows doing something similar, so TableYeti is truly an innovative product. TableYeti comes with a smart device attached to a payment terminal that will enable you to take payments at the table. It works with all ePOS.

You can read more about TableYeti here or reach out for pricing here.

TableYeti restaurant payment terminal

2. SumUp – the one for independent sellers

SumUp is one of the most affordable mobile payment terminals in the UK. The commission for contactless payments (as well as chip & pin payments) is just 1.69% – it’s perfect for independent sellers, street vendors and artists, who want to start accepting card payments as well. SumUp doesn’t have any volume or contract restrictions, and the device only costs £19 if you catch it on sale. Their app isn’t the most advanced one, but SumUp is a perfect option if you have a low-budget business, you’re just starting out, and you’re looking for a very affordable payment terminal.

If you decide to use SumUp, your payments will be with you in about 3 working days. However, if you use the SumUp card, it would take just one day for the payment to arrive.

If you have slightly different business needs, you can also use SumUp 3G independent terminal that doesn’t require a connected smartphone or a tablet.

3. Square – the most recognizable one

Square also offers a standalone terminal in case you don’t want to depend on the phone/tablet all the time; however, it’s primary business is its signature Square reader. The design of the reader is remarkable, and we’re sure that you’ve seen it around a lot.

Square card reader connects to a mobile device (or a tablet) via Bluetooth, and on the mobile device, you also need to be connected to either Wi-Fi or Cellular network (ideally 4G). It’s also a great terminal to use if your business is cashless. The device costs £29, however, if you find it on sale, you can get it for £19. Then, you also pay 1.75% for each contactless or chip and pin transaction.

Your payment will be sent to you in around two business days or faster.

5 most innovative credit card terminals for your restaurant or small business

4. iZettle – the most popular one

iZettle is one of the biggest players in the card payments market, and it’s well known for its advanced application and fast payment processing. If payment processing is what matters to you most, go for iZettle. It’s also one of the first players in the market, and it has an incredible support team to help you with all the questions you might have.

If you are willing to pay more, you can also use iZettle own e-commerce platform – it’s very convenient to keep track of most of the business processes in one place.

Just like Square, iZettle will send you your payment within 1 or 2 working days.

5. Paypal here – the one with a complex fee system

Finally, the last (but not least) credit card terminal that is good for small businesses and cafes is Paypal here. The terminal device is the most expensive of all – it costs £45 (even more if you add VAT), but it offers a very interesting transaction fee system. It gets cheaper when the volume of your transactions increases. That said if you only get paid up to £1500 per month, your transaction fee will be the highest – around 2.75%. However, if you reach £1500, then it will be similar to iZettle and Square – 1.75%. The fee can drop up to just 1% if you get over £15,000 a month in transactions.

However, if you process Amex or swipe payments, the fee rises to 2.75% or 3.4% – that’s why many business owners, who have Paypal here installed, prefer not to accept Amex at all.

The main benefit of the Paypal here terminal is the instant payout to the Paypal account. So if you urgently need to spend your earnings, you can get them right away. If you have a small business with low revenue, using Paypal here might be just too expensive.

We hope that this post was useful for you and now you have a bit more clarity on different payment terminals and which one to choose. If you have a restaurant and you’re looking for the most innovative restaurant card machine or credit card terminal – make sure to check out TableYeti. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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