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Restaurants can be a minefield of different systems, all having to work in harmony.

Let’s all be honest, restaurants at the end of the day are a mechanism to make money and as such taking payment is critical. With card payments growing to over 80% of payments in most restaurants, the card machine has become a core system, and you want your core systems to be talking to each other.

This article explains how and which card machines integrate with the ePOS Now point of sale and the benefits that can bring.

1 – What are integrated card machines?

Lets cut to the chase, integrated card machines are card machines that have a direct link to your Point of Sale, in this case, have a direct link to ePOS Now.

The integrated part means that they can have a two-way conversation with the till to load tables onto the card machine and automatically add card transactions to the relevant table or tab as payments are made.

As far as card machine integrations go, ePOS Now is relatively fully featured compared to other Point of Sale systems.

2 – How integrated card machines work.

Integrated card machines can work in a few different ways but always have the end goal of communicating with your point of sale to pull bills and add transactions.

Your provider of card machines (PDQs) will have their own way of having them communicate with your till. For example, with ePOS Now, TableYeti integrated card machines require that you have API enabled on your ePOS Now system. Once you have API enabled, this will give you access to the EPOS SECRET and EPOS KEY.

3 – Benefits of integrated card machines

Integrated card machines can provide an abundance of benefits. Namely around the speed of service and reporting accuracy.

Speed of service-wise, integrated card machines saves your waiting staff from having to manually add transactions to the table after a guest has paid.

Further to the time saving of not having to close the table on the ePOS Now point of sale specific card terminals can also access the live table data and print the guests’ bill table side, saving even more time. TableYeti takes this one step further, book a demo today to learn how.

Then at the end of your daily service, having integrated card machines means that your credit card total on your ePOS Now point of sale will match exactly your transaction report from your card machine. No more general managers spending time working out of a team member wrongly keyed a card payment as cash or vice versa.

4 – Compatibility 

Not all card machines and PDQs are made equally, and not all card machine providers can supply integrated card machines that work with ePOS Now.

We recommend that you check with your current payment provider to see if the card machine you currently have onsite works with ePOS Now.

Alternatively, we’re happy to inform you that Yeti payment devices are fully integrated with ePOS Now.

5 – Yeti Pay-at-Table Terminal

One of the coolest things about integrated card machines is there ability to provide pay at table experiences for your guests and waiting staff. Before TableYeti, this was limited to, as mentioned earlier, printing the bills from your card machine and automatically closing the table. 

At TableYeti, we’ve taken this to a whole other level. With integrated Yeti payment devices, you can generate benefits you’d never even thought of. With payment being administered by the guests and not your waiter, this frees your waiter up to serve other tables. While at the same time, your guests will love paying this way, with over 80% saying paying with a Yeti payment device is significantly better and even some guests taking the time to write incredible Trustpilot reviews saying the same. 

Your guests will actually be so happy that they’ll tip your waiting staff more (like 15%+ more) and will remember your restaurant the next time they want to go out for dinner with a big group.

As an integrated card machine, Yeti payment devices also improve your workflow significantly. Imagine a waiter picking up a device, entering a table number, leaving with guests, and the next time they pick it up, all payments have been made, and the table is closed on ePOS Now. Amazing right?? Those time savings really do add up.

Oh, there is more; over 60% of guests will leave feedback on their experience, both good and bad. Allowing you to action fixes and improve performance. How about automatically growing your email list, with 8% of guests giving you their email address? Sound good? Thought so.

No lie, there are even more benefits to installing TableYeti like the massive savings we can make on your processing fees, but it’s maybe time we stopped and allowed you to book a meeting with us below so we can tell you more.

We got this.

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