We've built a better way for your guests to pay.

By replacing the paper bill with a digital one. 

Payment at the table, it's simple really, with three components.

iPad mini

Installed with the TableYETi app and nothing else.

M010 card reader

If it's good enough for PayPal, it's good enough for us.

Custom case

We've developed a durable case that your guests will love.



Accept cash and card

All major credit and debit cards are accepted, along with a simple way to account for cash payments.


Split bills with ease

Guests can split their bill in just a few taps, you’ll find that groups come back.


Capture data

You’ll be saving paper and accumulating data, data which can be used to reach guests again.



Undoubtably happier staff

We’ve had staff member upon staff member tell us how much they love using TableYETi.


Turn tables faster

Increasing your revenue per table, without adding additional staffing costs.


See results in the bottom line

Happier staff, more data, bigger tables, turned quicker, equals a substantial increase in profits.



Leave faster

Your customers will have to signal for the bill only once. Then they can pay at their leisure and leave the table.


Leave happier

No more will your guests leave frustrated after an otherwise great experience.


Leave feedback

Empower guests as they’re welcome to leave anonymous feedback during he payment process.

Unlocked possibilities

It's the digital bill that opens the door to restaurant intelligence and review management.

Restaurant intelligence


Net Promoter Score

If you’re to measure one statistic for your restaurant, make it NPS.


Staff performance

You need to know if a team member is underperforming so you can train better.


Dish performance

Quantitate data on the quality of individual products is seriously powerful.

Review management


More reviews

TableYETi collects email address, which allows you to ask for online reviews.


Better reviews

Restaurant intelligence guarantees your reviews will be of the highest order.


Review insight

Review tracking across multiple platforms. (coming soon)

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