We've built a better way for your guests to pay.

By replacing the paper bill with a digital one. Learn whats included with a TableYeti payment device below.

"Incredible technology brought together that just works."

iPhone Plus

Installed with the TableYeti app and remotely managed allowing us to keep the device safe and updated.

Miura M010 card reader

If it's good enough for PayPal, it's good enough for us. Reliable & proven with over 20k Yeti payments to date.

Custom case and dock

We've developed a brand-able case that your guests will love. Along with a custom magnetic charging dock.

Whats else is included:


Branding and colours

We can emboss your restaurant logo or some custom text onto your case. Cases are available in 3 colours, grey blue or chestnut. (custom colours POA).


Yeti Command Center

We quickly learnt that for the Yeti to deliver significant value waiting staff need to know where a guest is in the payment process. The command centre allows this.


24/7 365 Customer Support

Card payments are the beating heart of your restaurants revenue. Thats why we offer 24/7 365 support incase of any issues.

Speak to a member of our team today.