Generate more tips for your hard working team

Keeping your team happier, more engaged and providing incredible service to your guests.

"The increase in tips is significant, really significant"


As more payments move to card, opportinies for staff to earn cash tips has decreased. Yeti fixes that.


We understand that service charge is a touchy subject, that's why we worked tirelessly to get it perfect.


No more awkward moments between your team and guests, with TableYeti guests can add more service in private.

Increased Tips



If you already have auto gratuity enabled, we ask guests if they’d like to tip a little more.


Engaged staff

Keeping staff engaged with providing a top class service is of upmost importance. Showing team members it translates to increased tips is very powerful.


On or Off

If you don’t think either of the service charge enhancement features are for you, not a problem, they can be turned off.

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