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Increase your customer life time value. Stop the never ending race to cheaper card processing.

Win. More. Deals.

We've broken the back of payments commoditisation. Your deals no longer hinge on who is offering the cheapest payments processing.

Stickier. Products.

Integrated solutions make your ePOS solution stickier - Protecting your recurring revenue and increasing your customer LTV.

Incremental. Sales.

Reselling Yeti. and Tap to Tip™ is a sure fired way of driving incremental recurring revenue from your existing merchants.
Resell the Yeti.
The worlds only card machine with direct tipping to motivate teams, pay-at-table to turn tables faster plus everything needed to process payments.
Yeti. Card Terminal
Ship Tap to Tip™?
The worlds first contactless tip jar, made in partnership with TiPJAR. Guests can say thank you to the team in just a tap, morning, day and night.
Payment Revenue for you 💷
Speedy onboarding
Industry leading buy rate
50/50 net revenue share
Commission payments monthly
Processing billions per year
Only payment processor compatible with TiPJAR
Onboarding handled by TableYeti
Manage Deals
Seller Portal 🖥️
Automated payouts to you and your sales team.
Track commission payments
Track merchant onboarding
Handles all customer billing
Raise support tickets
Multiple user levels
Place all orders
Fully secure and PCI compliant
Yeti Commander API
Load Transactions onto Yeti. Payment Device
Pay-at-counter wired or via cloud
Automatically places transactions onto the POS
REST Interface
Yeti Hitch API
Integrated to TableYeti or have us integrate to you
Itemised bill data
Sync via cloud only
Fully secure and PCI compliant
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TableYeti is a proven way for your ePOS company to increase customer LTV. Start reselling TableYeti today.