81% of guests prefer paying with TableYeti

and this % is even higher when it comes to bills with multiple payments.

"How does paying with TableYeti compare to paying at other restaurants?"

Somewhat better

18% of guests rated paying with TableYeti as somewhat better with data collected from multiple restaurants.

10x better

53% of guests tell us that they believe that paying with TableYeti is 10x better; from over 400 surveys.

Lots of data points

We use the same real time feedback technology to collect data on how people rate using TableYeti.

Happier guests


Split Bills

We’ve all been there, paying the bill in a big group is painful, this is no longer the case with TableYeti.


Leave happier

Guests genuinely leave happier after having paid with a TableYeti payment device. Making sure they come back.


Trust your guests

Show your guests that you trust them by enabling guests to self service pay using a TableYeti device.

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