How it all works

Discover how payment at the table, restaurant intelligence and review management work together to give your guests an exceptional experience. 

Your guests arrive

hungry, thirsty and excited about having a lovely time at your restaurant.

have a two minute chat, you're guests will love it

arrow 45 left
arrow 45 right
arrow 45 left
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Make dinner an experience

Some friendly advice, it's not about service, it's about hospitality. Go above and beyond.

you can thank us later

Table signals the bill

The guests' experience is about to change, but this part is still the same.​

get the bill to them quickly, guests appreciate it

Waiter delivers TableYETi

Leave it on the table, walk away, and keep those other guests happy.

give a quick, friendly explanation of TableYETi

Payment made

Guests use TableYETi to pay; they can pay the whole bill or split with ease.

you've just saved on average 5 minutes

Feedback collected

During the payment process, your guests will have answered a couple of questions.​

we'd have also collected an email address

The table leaves

Without any input from your staff, your guests have paid and can leave.

don't worry, the bill will be marked as paid in your ePOS

End of the night

At the end of the shift, your manager can check and run all the usual reports.

you can also receive automated daily reports

Review requested

Using the email collected, we'll automatically email a review request.

if a receipt were requested, the receipt would have been sent during payment

Weekly report

Your managers will be addicted to all the insight generated by TableYETi, but to make life easier, we will email a weekly summary.

we'll offer suggestions on how to make improvements

Make improvements

With all the insights, you can make improvements to your menu or schedule staff training based on data.

these improvements will get you more return custom

Increase your profits

We guarantee that improvements to your menu and service levels, will lead to improvements to the top and bottom line.

maybe you can open another restaurant with the profits

TableYETi removes friction for your customers, frees up your staff to provide a brilliant service to all, and helps restaurant owners find out where the holes in their game lie.

This is the future of hospitality; Prices start from £50 per month with a £200 setup fee.​