It's about time your guests were really heard.

The silent majority finally have a voice, one that we’ve made it super easy for you to listen too.

"It's like Google Analytics but for your restaurant"

Data point growth

Exponential growth in data for your restaurant, elegantly handled.

NPS growth

Would you recommend the restaurant to a friend? Get better scores.

Revenue growth

We've proven that our restaurant intelligence increases revenue.



Individual meals

Now you can see whether the steak performs better from the local butcher or Hereford farm.


Individual drinks

Find out what your guests thought of the 2006 Laurent Perrier vs that tasty 2008 grape.


Benchmark staff

You can track how your team members perform over time. You want this up and to the right.

Silent majority


More data

Most restaurants collect a few reviews per week. Imagine what will happen when you 100x that data.


Unheard guests

95% of your unhappy customers will leave without saying a word. Now they have a voice, helping you improve.


Completely anonymous

Guests pay without staff members help, meaning the reviews are anonymous and kept that way.



Better training

Know where you need to focus your training efforts, based on the data you receive from guests.


Increased performance

Measure it and it will grow. Generating ratings for each staff members will gently push them to improve.


Data-driven decisions

In business, you have to make hard decisions. These decisions can be made a little easier when data-driven.

Restaurant intelligence, one part of TableYETi

Restaurant intelligence is what happens when you replace the paper bill with something ‘more intelligent’.

Review management


More reviews

TableYETi collects email address, which allows you to ask for online reviews.


Better reviews

Restaurant intelligence guarantees your reviews will be of the highest order.


Review insight

Review tracking across multiple platforms. (coming soon)

Payment at the table


Digital Bill

Changing the bill from paper to digital is what powers the payment experience.


Self service

Leave on the table and walk away, your customers will love you for it.


Liberate your staff

Imagine what your staff can do now they have all the bill processing time free.

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