TiPJAR™ Tip Management


Meaning that as long as an operator hands over full control of tip management to the staff via the TiPJAR® platform, they cannot be held responsible for tax or National Insurance contributions on the tips collected.

Direct. Tipping.

Revenue into your business bank, tips into TiPJAR®. This is real direct to staff tipping from a payment device. Another world first.
How direct tips work!
✅ Yeti. Payment Device
Team Pay Rises
We have venues generating 400% more tips. Making a real pay rise for your hard working team in difficult times.
Team Motivation
Unlike service charge, tips can be a huge motivator for your team, driving them to go above and beyond for your guests.
Team Retention
By increasing tips for your team, you'll see team members staying with your business for longer. Saving you money on recruitment.
Team Recruitment
Hire the best staff in a competitive market by offering a compelling package which includes significant tips.
TableYeti™ <> TiPJAR®
Exclusively Bundled
Yeti. + TiPJAR®
Yeti. Card Machine: £30 per device
Pay Express + TiPJAR Teams+: £60 per site
ePOS integrations + Free next day swaps + 24/7 realtime support + Get paid tomorrow + PCI.
TOTAL: £30 per device + £60 per site
🚚 next day delivery, all pricing plus VAT.
*New business? Industry leading rates.
Yeti. £15 per month when ordered with Pay Waiter & Pay-at-Table.
Volume discounts available. Prices per month.
Bolt Ons
➕ Yeti. Pay Waiter: £50 per site
Yeti. Pay-at-Table: £50 per site
Yeti. Pay Waiter & Pay-at-Table: £100 per site reduces devices rentals to £15 per device
Tap to Tip™: 0.50p per day
Have some questions?
Unsure on how TableYeti can benefit your hospitality business? Feel free to book in a demo and a member of the team will happily take you through all the features!