Yeti. Marketing tools
*Note video shows older two device format - New Yeti. Payment Devices are all-in-one.

Emails. Collected.

Collect GDPR compliant email address at the end of the payment experience. Feed those emails into your favourite CRMs.

Private Dining. Sold.

Imagine guests being able to see your private dining offers the moment they've finished their memorable dining experience with you! Guaranteed to drive enquiries.

Sell. Gift Cards.

This one truly changes the game. Guests can buy a gift card right on the device, using the same card they just paid for dinner with. Incremental revenue YUM.

Next Table.

Coming soon. Your guests will be able to book there next visit on the Yeti before leaving the restaurant.


Setup, manage and track all your upselling and on-device marketing activities using TableYeti HQ.
Product Demo
✅ Yeti. Payment Device
✅ Yeti. Pay-at-Table
✅ Upsell Gift Cards
✅ ePOS Integrated
✅ TiPJAR Enabled
✅ Running on 4G
Bars with table service
Cafes with table service
Restaurants with table service
Clubs with table service
Hotels with restaurants

What's the cost?

We'll always price match your existing payment processing. If you're a new businesses we can provide industry leading rates.
Yeti. Card Machine: £15 per device
Yeti. Pay Express: Included
Yeti. Pay Waiter & Pay-at-Table: £100 per site
ePOS integrations + Free next day swaps + 24/7 realtime support + Get paid tomorrow + PCI.
TOTAL: £15 per device + £100 per site
🚚 Next day delivery, all pricing plus VAT.
❌ Lowest price for Yeti. with printer £20 per device.
💪Volume discounts available. Prices per month.
Bolt Ons
➕ TiPJAR Teams+: £60 per site
Tap to Tip™: 50p per day
Tap to Tip™: 50p per day
➕ CRM Integrations: POA
➕ Gift Card Integrations: POA
➕ Booking Integrations: Coming Soon
Yeti. Pay Waiter & Pay-at Table bundle required.
Have some questions?
Unsure on how TableYeti can benefit your hospitality business? Feel free to book in a demo and a member of the team will happily take you through all the features!