Yeti. Pay Waiter

Goodbye. Calculator.

Your waiters will no longer need to use their own phones at the table to calculate split bills for 4 people. Or feel anxious about doing the math in their head.

Itemised. Table-side.

Pull the itemised bill through from your ePOS to the Yeti. instantly. Then have the payments taken be automatically applied to the bill or tab. Speeding up payment and reducing error.

Even. More. Tips.

Round up payments into tips. Tip prompt for every guest. Combined ensures more tips allocated to your team. Even more powerful with TiPJAR tip management.
Bars with table service
Cafes with table service
Restaurants with waiters
Clubs with table service
Hotel restaurants with table service
Product Demo
✅ Yeti. Pay Waiter
✅ Used in a cafe
✅ Standalone
✅ TiPJAR Enabled
✅ Running on Wifi
✅ Yeti. Payment Device without printer.

What's the cost?

We'll always price match your existing payment processing. If you're a new businesses we can provide industry leading rates.
Yeti. Payment Device: £30 per device
Yeti. Pay Express: Included
Yeti. Pay Waiter: £50 per site
ePOS integrations + Free next day swaps + 24/7 realtime support + Get paid tomorrow + PCI.
TOTAL: £30 per device + £50 per site
🚚 next day delivery, all pricing plus VAT.
❌ Lowest price for Yeti. with printer £20 per device
💪Volume discounts available. Prices per month.
Bolt Ons
Yeti. Pay Waiter & Pay-at-Table: £100 per site reduces devices rentals to £15 per device
Have some questions?
Unsure on how TableYeti can benefit your hospitality business? Feel free to book in a demo and a member of the team will happily take you through all the features!